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Mapping the world

Niger 2015.In Niger, six young students involved in the issue of global warming have gone into an innovative cartographic project. They travel all across the country, reporting any visible effect of climate change. Their work bring a priceless contribution to the UNICEF world map, titled Act now for tomorrow, created in preparation for the COP21.

Since a few years, the country has been particularly hit by less frequent but heavier floods that are devastating villages, road infrastructures and entire farming areas. As a consequence, the number of displaced people rises, causing starvation and poor living conditions.

These young mappers are working at linking global warming with rainfall imbalance and ground erosion – all of them being manifestations of climate change. They collect testimonies and evidences, they notice changes in natural landscapes and share these data with searchers on climate.

Above all, their action aims at raising awareness among Nigerians about the urgency of the situation. In the context of the COP21, they want to alert the industrialized nations to the local consequences of environmental pollution and to the necessity of an international agreement on climat




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