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Court of Justice

LUXEMBURG 2011 First inaugurated in 1973, when the European Community included only six member countries, the Court of Justice was extended in 1988, 1993 and 1994. As Perrault saw it, the scheme’s challenge was threefold: functional, urban and institutional. First, the Court...


Junior high school

FRANCE 2009 The Evariste Gallois Jr. High School in Nanterre (a suburb just outside Paris), has developed various initiatives in order to prevent violent behaviours within the school and among students


Académie Française

FRANCE 2009 The Académie française was created in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu, the chief minister to King Louis XIII. Its aim was to "fix the French language, giving it rules, rendering it pure and comprehensible by all".



FRANCE 2000-12 The numerous stories that Michaël Zumstein has photographed for the press has allowed him to document French social news. Unemployment, immigration, education, Michaël Zumstein combines journalistic rigor with sensitivity to provide a look beyond the stereotypes of...


Farmers in crisis

FRANCE 2010 Due to a drop in revenue, the crops are expanded. A productivist mentality that many farmers have a hard time dropping. For the past thirty years, every day, in Gigny, a little village of Yonne, the first house to light up is always the same. At 6AM, Michel Tobiet is up...


Parisian firefighters

FRANCE 2010 Confronted by a growing social unrest, firefighters today see their field of action opening up to new challenges far from the typical job description. The firestation of Pars d’Aubervilliers responded to a part of 500,000 parisian calls in 2009. The jurisdiction of this...


Migrants in Calais

FRANCE 2009 In september 2009, when French authorities sent riot police to raze "the Jungle," a makeshift camp near Calais, they made sure plenty of international media were on hand. By closing the camp and dispersing its population of clandestine aliens who were awaiting a chance to...


Presidential election

FRANCE 2007 For five months, Michael Zumstein followed various candidates criss-crossing France. From meeting to meeting, the halls must be full to feel that the popular momentum backs each contender for the highest office


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