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Take The Backway

Gambia Niger Libya 2016. Michael Zumstein followed the road taken by thousands of Sub-Saharan migrants as they leave their countries for a long and dangerous journey : from Banjul (Gambia) to the Libyan coast, including Agadez (Niger).


Africa Upload

Mali 2015.Over the last two decades, cellphones have ushered in a communications revolution in Africa. The entire country of Mali, for example, has just 120,000 landlines to serve a population of 15 million. But as of 2012 there were enough...


Bons amis

IVORY COAST 2011 Having already documented such a painful time in Ivory Coast in my previous trips, the “Bons Amis” project is part of a scheme of duty of remembrance where photography will fully act as an historic marker part. Listening, investigating, sharing so that everyone...


Strangling democracy

SENEGAL 2012 Senegal has designated its new president in the person of Macky Sall, whose candidature against Wade was supported by the opposition coalition. Even though Macky Sall used to be Prime Minister of Abdoulaye Wade, he represented for many the only possible alternative to...


Two presidents

IVORY COAST 2011 After four months of a political crisis, the confrontation between the internationally recognized president Alassane Ouattara and the outgoing president Laurent Gbagbo almost led the Côte d'Ivoire and Abidjan to civil war. On April, 11th 2011, the fallen president...


The Last lion

IVORY COAST 2011 One year after the death of five Libyan camels donated by Muammar Gaddafi, Abidjan's Zoo has recently gone through another major blow. Further to the conflicts in April, in Ivory Coast, between the ex-president Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara , the zoo ran out of food...


This house is not for sale

NIGERIA 2008 Lagos, capital of Nigeria is now paying the prize of the country’s growth. Banks, telecommunications and oil companies try to settle in the city, making the price of land follow the surge of oil – Nigeria becoming world’s second exporter to United States.


Life on the line

DR CONGO 2006 A month-long, 1 400 km journey by railroad to the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo (ex-Zaïre) from Kindu in the central province of Maniema to Lubumbashi in the southern province of Katanga. We sleep on the train, we live on it, we start on it, we fight on it,...


Humanitarian eldorado

KENYA 2007 Lokichokio is an artificial town, emerging from a no man’s land located in northern Kenya near the Sudanese border. 15 years ago, in this remote “Far East” a UN camp was temporarily set up. To give aid to the Southern Sudanese war-wounded, more than 80 NGOs...


Slaves of firestone

LIBERIA 2006 Liberia is the world largest rubber producer. However, like many other African countries, Liberia imports old and dangerous used tires manufactured in the U.S, used in Europe and then sold in Africa.


Mothers vs the Atlantic

SENEGAL 2006 Since January 2006, about 50 young Senegalese from Thiaroye's neighbourhood have been lost at sea trying to get to the Canary Islands in dugout.


From Zaïre to Congo

DR CONGO 1996-2003 The former dictator Mobutu Sese Seko never ceased to say, « Before me comes chaos, after comes the flood. » In 1997, after 35 years of power, the dictator was overthrown by a rebellion supported by neighboring Rwanda. But the signs of civil war were already...


This house is not for sale