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Bons amis

IVORY COAST 2011After Laurent Gbagbo’s fall, newly-elected President Alassane Ouattara admitted to journalists « rebuilding Ivory Coast is not going to be that difficult (…) but manage to gather Ivoirians with themselves will. »

Having already documented such a painful time in Ivory Coast in my previous trips, the “Bons Amis” project is part of a scheme of duty of remembrance where photography will fully act as an historic marker part. Listening, investigating, sharing so that everyone can take his/her responsibilities and mistakes. For that generations to come will be able to share a common knowledge background.

In a country where the necessity of an economic uprising will erase too quickly the suffering of Ivoirians, it is compulsory to make a duty of remembrance.
It is to this process that I offer you to participate with supporting this exclusive photographic story.
A Truth and Reconciliation Commission was set up in October 2011 and it was the first step of a long forgiving process after a post-election crisis had killed more than 3000 people and displaced more than a million.

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