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CAR in a mined area

Central African Republic 2014. In Central African Republic, torn appart by the conflict beetween Christians and Muslims, diamonds production decreased sightly. Dispite the dissolution of the Seleka, a muslim coalition opposed to the former president François Bozizé, mining still fuels the conflict. East of the country became the stronghold of the former rebel, while West remains under the influence of rival militias, the anti-Balaka.

This inter-communal violences ended up affect diamond production, and have a deep impact on the economy of a failed state. According to Joseph Agbo, Minister of Mines and Energy, before the conflict broke out, diamonds exportation supported nearly one quarter of the population, or 20% of budget revenues and more than half of their exportation revenue. The flight of Muslims collectors eastward paralyzed a part of the production. Central Africa was suspended from the Kimberley Process in May 2013, which should prevent that precious stones exportation financing conflicts. If the embargo has failed to stop illegal smuggling, it slowing down an already fragile economy.

While a report of the American Geological Institute Survey showed that RCA soils probably still contained about 39 million carats of diamonds, the country’s future remains uncertain.

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  1. Pangeran dit :

    Just type in Blood Diamonds on google. For a topic you could do Sierra Leone if you haven’t alaredy. The first couple of Websites should be helpful.

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