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« An African City » TV show

In Ghana, 2016. Michaël Zumstein met the casting of the webserie « An African City ». He followed them in Accra, the capital, in a discovery of their everyday life.

Created by Nicole Amarteifio, the fiction is a huge success for young africans in the continent but also in USA and Europe. This enthusiasm is mainly due to the showrunner’s will to emancipate young african womens from usual cliché and to offer a fresh perspective on ghanaian youth. After having reach university studies abroad and came back in their country to follow their dreams, the five characters of this new « Sex and the City », who are brilliants, independants, successful, allow the series to broach more or less taboo subjects : sexuality, empowerment and women’s rights. Though it’s aimed at the emerging middle class, the show became the symbol of an ambitious and feminist youth, who whants to shake up establish order and release women’s voice.

The young women that Michaël Zumstein mets showed him their life style, which is close from their characters’. As in any occidental capital, there is in the Accra’s fancy district some stylish bars and restaurants, frequented by a wealthy youth. There is also young designers who take hold of ghanaian dress code and modernize it. They create an hybrid form of fashion, attached to tradition as well as innovation. It’s in this heterogeneous and creative environment that Nicole Amarteifio found inspiration for « An African City », and that emerge the drive to develop ghanaian’s life.

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