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2015 / 16 Assignments


November 2015, May 2016 Publications


September, october 2015 Assignment I'll be on assignment for UNICEF (France) in Niger from september 18th. Hope to be in Ivory Coast in october...


June 2015 Publication Assignment in Bamako for the New York Times. The Downloaders. The African Itunes !


April, may, june 2015 Assignments, Masterclass Many assignments for Le Point, Le Monde (Greenland !), New York Times Magazine, UNICEF. Nice time delivering a Masterclass during "Les Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie de Ghar el Melh". Tunisia


December 2014 Awards I'm the winner of the 2014 Visual Story Telling award for my work in CAR !!!!


November 2014 Publication In a mined Area ? Beautiful publication By l'Express about diamonds in Central African Republic.


July 2014 Exhibition My work in Central African Republic will be shown at the next Visa pour l'Image Festival in Perpignan (september 2014). Very proud !


April 2014 Award Very happy to be one of the winners among my swiss colleagues, of The Swiss Press Photo, for the first part of my work in Central African Republic.


April 2014 Publication Very nice publication in the new and brillant swiss magazine SEPT


March 2014 Assignment Romeo & Juliette in Rwanda. Assignment for Elle Magazine (France). Text by Caroline Laurent


February 2014 Awards Very happy to be part of the winners of the 2014 Pictures Of the Year, award of Excellence and third place at the Fujairah International Photojournalism Competition (FIPCOM).


December 2013 -> February 2014 Publication in Le Monde Still on assignment in Central African Republic for Le Monde


September 2013 Publication in Le Monde & L'Express On assignment in Central African Republic for french magazines


August 2013 Publication in Pèlerin Magazine (France) With five others photographers, I was on assignment to illustrate the Bourgogne Region (France) for the summer stories of the magazine


July 2013 Front page Points (France) New book cover. French writer,Patrick Deville, signed an interesting book about Savorgnan de Brazza & Stanley 'behaviors at the end of 19th century


December 2012 Front page Livre de Poche (France) Nearly 20 years after my first trip and first pictures in Congo, I'm very proud that "Le livre de Poche" has choosen one of my pics to illustrate the new edition of the Joseph conrad's inimitable book "Heart of Darkness"


December 2012 Publication in Pèlerin Magazine (France) With the christians of Mount Guera - Tchad


December 2012 Christian magazine Pèlerin (France) published 7 video clips on Viméo from my work in Tchad With the christians of Mount Guera - Tchad


November 2012 Publication in Le Monde Mensuel (France) The story on Lokichokio, the humanitarian eldorado town in northen Kenya, illustrate the very good article of Claire Guillot, on relationship between NGOs and photojournalism


October 2012 Publication in Le Parisien Magazine (France) Malian militias


August, september 2012 Publication in ELLE Magazine (France) Numerous assigments for Elle, Le Monde, Télérama, Le Parisien Magazine etc


July 2012 Publication in Courrier International (France) Amateur soccer in Africa


july 2012 Publication in CPJ Ivory Coast Michael's photographs illustrate the annual report of Center to Protect Journalists (CPJ)


June 2012 Work in progress in Ivory Coast Photos, films, interviews : Michaël is in Ivory Coast to continue his story "Bons Amis". A project about difficult reconciliation after 2011 electoral crisis


May 2012 On assignment in Liberia for Newsweek As Charles Taylor awaits sentencing, his ex-wife and Liberia are quietly moving on...


April 2012 On assignment in Niger for Le Monde Michael Zumstein; photographer and Erik Orsenna; writer and member of the French Academy and member of the sponsorship committee of UNICEF, travelled to the Mangaize camp for Le Monde in order to testify on the situation.


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